In October 2005, Wim started working at Capgemini as a Siebel Consultant.
After following the Siebel Core Consultant Course at Computrain in Amsterdam, he started working on the Euroclear Siebel project.
Having done some minor development work, Wim was giving support for the Call Center application used in production.

In December 2006, Wim moved to iRelate. After working on the Roularta project for one month, where he did some general configuring, he started on De Post project in February 2007 where he is still working.


Februay 2007 - present: De Post

January 2007: Roularta

December 2006: Catella

October 2005 - December 2006: Euroclear


EIM: 2 stars
General development: 3 stars
Scripting: 3 stars
SQL: 3 stars
Workflow: 2 stars